Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tyrranicide - God Save The Scene (1989) [Requested]

Country: U.S.
Genre: Thrash Metal
Tracklist: (mp3 vbr 192 kbps)

01.Hiding Under White
02.Nails On The Chalkboard
03.Was It Worth It?
04.Think For Yourself
05.One That I Am
06.Facing Reality
07.Denial (Of Hate)
08.Drink, Drive And Die
09.Peer Pressure
10.Pull The Plug
11.Inner Peace / Holy War
12.By His Own Hand
Password: centricon


eestwahn said...

Thanks a LOT centricon! \m/

Acathexis said...

Tyrranicide's 1986 “Hiding Under White” demo can be downloaded from here:

mario said...

Thanks, but the link is broken, can you upload again?