Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Feline Melinda - The Felines Await You (1988)

Country: Switzerland
Genre: Speed Metal

1) Feline Melinda
2) You're A Witch
3) Easy Blood
4) The Felines Await You
5) Metal Ladies
6) If You Need Me
7) Instrumental



Anonymous said...

Thanks amigo ! ! !

Fire crow

HeavyMetalHero said...

Judging by their names I guess they probably weren't of Italian descent, but weren't these guys actually based in Northern Italy when this was recorded?

corimngul said...

Thanks benhurksa!

heavymetalhero, I don't know about their origins, but if the names you talk about are the same as one their Metal Archives page, then they are surely made up.

DaN said...

They were an Italian band, and this MLP is bloody awesome! One of my Italian top-10 for sure. Do - not - miss!