Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hexx - Quest For Sanity [EP] (1988) [Requested]

Country: U.S.
Genre: Thrash Metal
Tracklist: (mp3 vbr 224 kbps)

01.Twice As Bright
02.Fields Of Death
03.Mirror Of The Past
04.Racial Slaughter
06.Bonus Jam
Password: centricon


eestwahn said...

Big thanks centricon!

bustdace said...

thanks a lot!

jb said...

Hell yes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks centricon ! ! !

Fire crow

oldthrash said...

Thanx For Hexx.

Metal Rules!

Anonymous said...

can it be downloaded,? or can i contact anyone who can have a fair trade with Hexx..? thanks!

Anonymous said...

this link is broken...buaaaa snif snif....buaaaa

Chad said...

Any chance in a re-up? Love this album. Cheers!!!!