Thursday, October 05, 2006

Megace - Human Errors(1991)[Requested]

Country: Germany
Genre: Progressive / Thrash Metal


Thrashmang said...

I didn't request this but goddamn, i've been looking for this one for a loooooooong damn time. Thanks mang!!!

SIL said...

Hi dudes,

my name is Andreas, I am the drummer of Megace.
I joint the Band after this album.
We released a second one called "Inner War".
I am proud to find something of Megace here !!!
Since one guitar player left us we now have a new name "Step Into Liquid".

I love this page, becaus I found so much great old staff here !!!
Rock on !!

eestwahn said...

Thanx a lot, benhurska!

And - of course - thanx a lot Andreas! ;)

Welcome here! ;) \m/

bustdace said...

nice to here from a band member.I'll put up a link to your page so people can check it out.

corimngul said...

Wow thanks benhurksa, you're the best

SIL said...

would be great if you link our page, fantastic !!!
I just uploaded our second album "Inner war", If you like to put in on this page, please do it.
I don`t have premium accout so it will be deleted after some time.

Rock on !!!!


PAOLO said...

This album is simply fantastic...congratulations Andreas for the drumming

centricon said...
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benhurksa said...

ty Andreas,
rock on!!!