Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kublai Khan - Annihilation(1987)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff from one of the the original guitarists from Megadeth.

eestwahn said...

Another link to this album:

corimngul said...

Actually Greg Handevidt wasn't exactly one of the original guitarists. Mustaine and Ellefson first recruited drummer Rausch and guitarist Kerry King. I assume youknow where Kerry went, when Mustaine made him choose between Megadeth and his other band.

The new guitarist was Greg, but he only lasted a few weeks - he was deemed incompetent. Chris Poland joined and the first demo was recorded.

Then Rausch left, and was replaced by Dijon Carruthers for a few days, then by Gar Samuelson. This line-up lasted two albums.

Greg formed Kublai Khan in 1985, and only released Annihilation. This album would not have been as known I guess, if it wasn't for this Megadeth connection. When in fact, this connection is minimal, and he didn't record anything with Megadeth.