Wednesday, September 20, 2006

VA - Speed Metal Hell (1985)


garzweiler2 said...

Nice compilation on New Renaissance Records.
Note that all the featured bands were at demo stage when this came out.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Savage Grace - Master Of Disguise
2. Savage Grace - Fear My Way
3. Attila - Lucifer's Hammer
4. Shining Blade - Winged Snake
5. Battle Bratt - Henchman
6. Artillery - Hey Woman
7. Medieval - World War Four
8. Midnight Vice - Vice Squad
9 . Stiletto - Through The Night
10. At War - Eat Lead
11. Executioneer - Victims Of Evil
12. Whiplash - Thrash Till Death

PUSWART said...

I have this on vinyl still to this day. The high points in my opinion are Whiplash and At War and I loved Medieval. Thanks for posting.

Acathexis said...

Poor New Renaissance Records never got much respect.
Somewhere, I think I still have a tape of their “Satan's Revenge, Part II” compilation, unless I lost it in a move. That tape was GREAT, it had Morbid Angel, Necrovore, and Ripping Corpse tracks from when they were all in their demo stages.
If I ever find it again, I'll try and upload it here. In the meantime, here's a link for New Renaissance Records' “Satan's Revenge, Part I”:

New Renaissance Records - Satan's Revenge, Part I (1985)

01. Axehammer - Axehammer
02. Cerebus - Fighting The Beast
03. Heavy Chainzz - Fighting With Satan
04. Artillery - Deeds of Darkness
05. Desecration - Halloween
06. NME - Of Hell
07. Snakebite - Shadows Of The Knight
08. Hammerhead - Masters Of Frustration
09. Monolith - Night Of Outrage
10. Saintly Sinners - The Beast
11. Desecration - Death's Revenge

The best tracks on this one were probably the demos from Desecration (probably why they were featured twice…), they had Mike Sus from Possessed doing session drums for them…

Venger said...

A good listen, but not a patch on the 'Speed Kills' series