Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Prong - Beg To Differ(1990)

Tommy Victor knew what his intentions were when he started Prong. To be a Brutal Hardcore/Thrash crossover band.
Prong's first two albums are an excellent example of his intentions.
Later, when Prong was signed to a major label in 1989, they went straight for the throat with their Speed metal opus "Beg To Differ".


Anonymous said...

Link is dead

broKeNbot said...

Works fine, just checked it.. 8)

DrThrash said...

It does work, I'm downloading right now, thanks for this by the way. I've only heard their cleansing album. This seems likes its gonna be very different.

PUSWART said...

I'm a big Prong fan and I have to say that the first couple of albums are much better then the later more industrial type stuff. Beg to Differ and Force Fed are absolute classics. Thanks.