Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nihilist - 1987-1989


garzweiler2 said...

This band from Sweden later became known as Entombed. The compilation I uploaded includes all material recorded as Nihilist, namely the following:

Tracks 1-3: 'Premature Autopsy' Demo '88
Tracks 4-6: 'Only Shreds Remain' Demo '88
Tracks 7-8: 'Drowned' Demo '89
Track 9: 'The Head Not Found' Session '89
Tracks 10-11: 'The Drowned' Session '89
Tracks 12-14: Entombed's 'But Life Goes On' Demo '89

'tis a good one, trust me!

Acathexis said...

Fuck yeah!
I've been looking for this stuff for ages!
Even better than some of the Entombed material.
Cheers, mate!

aka carnage said...

The best of death metal - they opened the door of band like Dismember/Unleashed/Grave

nahuel666 said...

thanx for posting this album!