Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wehrmacht - Shark Attack (1987)


indus3/Czech Rep. said...

Whow,nice and rare hardcore LP !!!

Anonymous said...

Wehrmacht, A band I loved ever since their first demo. Once labeled as "The Fastest Band in the Underground" they surely lived to it. Shark Attack delivers everything wonderful about the 80's thrash underground. It has blazing fast riffing, VERY fast well played drumming, incredible bass sound that makes your stomache sick, and best of the brilliant vocals by Tito Matos. The album starts off ''Shark Attack'' a very moshy Slayer type song with the trademark lyrics etc. Through the short time next up is ''Blow You Away'' probaly the worst song on the album IMO but still never the less is a speed aholics dream and shouldn't be skipped. The production in this album as did most New Rennaissance Record releases of the time is pretty crappy. Which I think is a huge flaw to the band and the record label as well, but oh well whats done is done. A few more tracks go by that are very fast and catchy, but it starts to really get mind crushing at the time off ''Barrage of Skankers''. Heavy drum intro leading into a non stop thrash explosion. Wehrmacht were well known in the underground as mentioned and this album is my favorite ''crossover'' album to ever emerge. A big tip to the so called hardcore/metal listeners of today, do yourself a favor anf pick up one of the best albums ever made PERIOD. United Shoe Brothersssssssssssssss