Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Katatonia (Swe) - Dance of December Souls (1993)


Khuong Nguyen said...

Thanks guy! This is what I'm looking for. I also have a lot of oldschool thrash. Maybe we can trade

bustdace said...

To "Khuong Nguyen", if you're still looking for this albums I can post it.
ANGEL DUST - Into The Dark Past (1986)
IRON ANGEL - Hellish Crossfire (1985)
MORBID SAINT - Spectrum Of Death (1989)
NUM SKULL - Ritually Abused (1988)
RIGOR MORTIS - Rigor Mortis (1988)
WARGASM - Why Play Around? (1988)
WARGASM - Ugly (1993)

Khuong Nguyen said...

Can u please post the Num Skull album? That's the only one I don't have in that list.

bustdace said...

NUM SKULL - Ritually Abused (1988)
is in the archives.

madne0 said...

Hey! First of all, great blog. Loads of great albums, some pretty damn hard to find. One of such albums is Morpheus Descends-Ritual Of Infinity. I downloaded that one and it's missing the 7th track (Submerged In Adipocere). Could you please put it up? Thanks!

Godwalker said...

Hey, it's a good site you have here. It's a good job you're doing.

Hey listen, I've been searching for Vendetta's "Brain Damage" and "Go and live stay and die" albums for a long time. If you could post these I would be very grateful.


bustdace said...

Missing track no. 7 for Morpheus Descends - Ritual Of Infinity can be found here: