Monday, August 25, 2008

WANTED - DISC LP of NIGHTMARE "Power Of The Universe"

METALFRANC a member of and a manager of some French Bands needs your help to locate this LP if you is his post from the forum:

Hi to everyone,

As you know, I'm the manager of some French bands and this concerns one of them : NIGHTMARE.

I'm looking for the PICTURE DISC LP of NIGHTMARE "Power Of The Universe" released at only 100 copies in 1985 by Dream Records.

If you have it in your collection, I'm ready to buy it...

I'm looking for it since that time and the boss of our record company Dream Records (Jean-Claude Riousset) in France told me that it had really been printed in that period. He even made an advertisement in a magazine (called 'Enfer Magazine' from May 1986) that you can find here :

The band and myself need this album that we never saw... One copy will be enough for all of us !

If you have it, but if you don't want to sell it, please get in touch with me cause I need some pictures to prove that it really exists (which I'm absolutely sure).

Thanks in advance to all of you !!

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