Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Steel Angel - Kiss of Steel (1986)


Anonymous said...

Please stop using rapidshare.

shreut said...

Excellent stuff!
You can visit for more great 80s French Heavy Metal!!!
\m/ STAY HEAVY \m/

Anonymous said...

rapidshare is good man!!!!!
metal rules!!

Anonymous said...

Rapid share is the worst.

Acathexis said...

Rapidshare doesn't really work that great for me either, but I'm happy to get this stuff any way it's offered to us.

I've never had a single problem downloading from Megaupload (my personal preference), but I've heard other people complain about it the same way I complain about Rapidshare, so I'm not sure what the best solution is. When it comes to download services, it seems that what works great for one person can be utter shite for another.

Perhaps we should set up a vote as to what the preferred download service is around here. Sure, many of the links come form other sources, but it might prevent future conflicts if items uploaded from the crew over here used a standard that a majority found to be reliable/easy to use.