Monday, July 03, 2006

Deicide - Deicide (1990)

01.Lunatic Of God`s Creation
02.Sacrificial Suicide
03.Oblivious To Evil
04.Dead By Dawn
07.Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
09.Day Of Darkness

Glen Benton - Vocal & Bass
Brian Hoffman - Lead Guitar
Eric Hoffman - Lead Guitar
Steve Asheim - Drums

Origin: Tampa, FL, USA
Death Metal
Status: Active

Known the world over as one of the founding fathers of Death Metal, Deicide stand strong to this day as one of the most influential and controversial metal bands ever. With a relentlessly brutal sound and uncompromisingly blasphemous lyrics, Deicide set the standards for Death Metal well over a decade ago and have maintained those standards ever since. Emerging from the Tampa, Florida metal underground, Deicide began life in 1987 under the moniker, Amon. Consisting of frontman Glen Benton on bass and vocals, brothers Eric and Brian Hoffman on guitar, and Steve Asheim on drums, Amon commanded a local cult following with their extreme brand of Satanic metal. Amon's demos caught the attention of Roadrunner Records and Roadrunner signed the band, who renamed themselves Deicide. Roadrunner released Deicide's blistering self-titled debut in 1990 including Death Metal hit "Sacrificial Suicide". Recorded at Tampa's Morrisound Studio (the legendary studio where Deicide would go on to record all its albums), "Deicide" would one day be hailed as one of the "Top 100 Metal Albums of the 90's" by England's metal authority, Terrorizer Magazine. In 1992, Deicide followed up their debut with "Legion". "Legion" was an instant success, further establishing Deicide's furious musical instensity and vengeful anti-Christian stance, and securing Deicide's place at the forefront of the American Death Metal scene.


Spoke said...

Whaddaya think...are these lads in it for the money, or do you think they actually chat with Satan as they get tucked in at night? I'm no mamby-pamby by any stretch of the imagination, but I don't understand the attraction/fascination with death-metal lyrics. Perhaps you could enlighten me.

centricon said...

First thanks for your comment and your nice picture.Yes I could enlighten you.Why do people like science-fiction or horror movies?? I don't understand!! They are not real.Matrix is not real :)This is your way to judge the ART!! This is music not sciene book,not manifesto. And this is death metal,of course it talks about supernatural beliefs,horror and gore.. And you ask why do they write lyrics about not real or they don't believe. Answer is simple.A pop star's fisrt song is I Really love you.second one is I can find better one :) So....??? The pop star is a schizo :)He doesn't know what to do :P This is music you like it or not and I don't care.....