Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gammacide - Victims of Science (1989, 320 kbps)

Gammacide is quite a legendary Texas band today, with their no compromises thrash metal. This is the 2005 reissue on Marquee records with the rare and brutal 1991 demo only sent to press and labels and two newly recorded songs, originally written in 1992, as bonus tracks. They reformed in 2004 for this re-release, but with a new bass-player as Eric Roy (also of Warlock) passed away in October 2001. R.I.P. There are plans on recording a new album for Brain Ticket Records.

Mirror: http://depositfiles.com/files/307750


benhurksa said...

ty,brother, great album!!!!

centricon said...

the most hardworking one of us :)Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I like a lot of stuff on you're blog but in my opinion some linked-albums on your blog are rather average . They were the records that ended up in the bargain-bin soon after the time they were released. The Gammacide lp however deserves the title "classic" indeed. Great stuff that's up there with the early Slayers and Metallica's THX

corimngul said...

Of course some stuff is average. However, there are many meanings of the word classic:

1. of the first or highest quality, class, or rank: a classic piece of work.
2. serving as a standard, model, or guide: the classic method of teaching arithmetic.
3. of or pertaining to Greek and Roman antiquity, esp. with reference to literature and art.
4. modeled upon or imitating the style or thought of ancient Greece and Rome: The 17th and 18th centuries were obsessed with classic ideals.
5. of or adhering to an established set of artistic or scientific standards or methods: a classic example of mid-Victorian architecture.
6. basic; fundamental: the classic rules of warfare.
7. of enduring interest, quality, or style: a classic design; classic clothes.
8. of literary or historical renown: the classic haunts of famous writers.
9. traditional or typical: a classic comedy routine.
10. definitive: the classic reference work on ornithology.
11. of or pertaining to automobiles distinguished by elegant styling, outstanding engineering, and fine workmanship that were built between about 1925 and 1948.

I guess we post albums agreeing with definitions 1, 2, 5, 6 (to an extent) and 9. There aren't so many category 1 albums though, but hopefully there are gems enough to make browsing through the rest worthwhile.