Monday, September 11, 2006

Meanstreak - Roadkill (1988)


Carnager said...

First of all, I want to thank you for uploading all of these rare metal LPs!

However, might it be possible to use instead of rapidshare? The reason is that there is a 1-dl-per-hour limit on rapidshare, which can be frustrating if you're trying to download off several blogs per day.

Megaupload is also as fast or faster than rapidshare.

Thanks for considering this

pestilential mists said...

I second this suggestion, megaupload is definitely more conveniant.

However, I'm just glad that you guys do this blog and I will take what I can get! Thanks a lot.

centricon said...

Because Megaupload sucks.Their speed are the same,however the download is limitted or not working in a lot of countries.Yes,you wait for rapidshare,but at least you can download :)

bustdace said...

get an account from rapidshare.I use rapid cause I can upoad faster.I use to have both,but cancelled mega cause of their speed.A lot of people cannot d/l from mega,cause of the limited slots.if you are in Europe its like only 11 Euro's i think monthly.

acathexis said...

Ah, so it's the poor international support that's the cause of a lot of the hatred for Megaupload… I always wondered why so many people disliked it, as here in the US, I've never had a single problem with it. However, RapidShare can be quite a pain sometimes. It's not really the waiting between downloads (ten years of being stuck on dialup has given me a great deal of patience! I used to have to wait OVERNIGHT between album downloads…) that bugs me, but the constant "download session expired" messages can be a bit of a drag, sometimes even taking a dozen or so tries (each time with that countdown) to even get the download to start.

That said, if you choose to stick to RapidShare, I can live with it, and I certainly won't look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak, as some of this stuff is really worth the minor hassles. :)

corimngul said...

Rapidshare has better up- and downspeeds, and hasn't got the country barrier. Some other servers that I've used, like and that have good speeds, don't keep the files for as long. Easysharing doesn't work for everyone etc.

Overall rapidshare has worked best for most people for most of the time, and it doesn't come as a surprise that most of the links one can find of the net are rapidshare links.

g2 said...

About the waiting time, try this:
a) After first download, clear cookies
b) Restart your router or disconnect it from the phone line for >2 mins.

Unless you have a static IP (which few people have) you should be able to download right again. Repeat as needed.

About the session expiring: that ONLY happens if you wait too long (I think more than 1 minute) to enter the code after it has appeared. So just watch it go down and enter the code immediately after it appears and you are fine.

Oh, and, nice blog btw, very nice :)

Acathexis said...

g2 wrote: “…About the session expiring: that ONLY happens if you wait too long…”

Well, that's not at all how it happens for me.
I lie in eager wait for the letter/number image, hands frantically poised at the keyboard to type it in the very second it appears, yet it usualy fails me the first few times, regardless of if I wait one minute, or only one second.
There are some rare instances of getting it on the first shot, but it usually takes me around three times to get it going, although on occasion, I've had it take me over a dozen. Admittedly, it can be frusterating, but I'm getting great stuff for free from great people, so I should really quit my bitching and be thankful that I can get it to work at all. :)

nahuel666 said...

thanx for posting this album!!!