Sunday, September 17, 2006

Exorcist (US) - Nightmare Theatre (1985, requested)

Here's the alleged story... in 1985, Jack Starr (Burning Starr) was on the way out of Virgin Steele, due to disagreements with the rest of the band. To let off creative steam, David DeFeis did some songwriting for Cobra Records artists like Piledriver, and also the band jammed with a new guitarist, Edward Pursino. Finally, they decided to record an album but could not release it as Virgin Steele since the name belonged to Jack Starr. They put out the ``Nightmare Theatre`` album in mid-1985. They then kicked out Jack Starr and one lawsuit later, the name Virgin Steele was Dave's and Edward was in the band. But part of the settlement was that Exorcist would remain Exorcist and not be associated with the Virgin Steele ``Noble Savage`` lineup that wrote it!

Anyway, this is a very cult and rare horror speed metal LP!


indus3/CzechRep. said...

Again - very,very thx !!!

Anonymous said...

Thankx,very good album,Cmelak.