Monday, July 31, 2006

Megaslaughter - Calls From the Beyond (1991)

A rather rare gem from the early Swedish death underground, this LP was released on the French label Thrash Records, but most of the copies are still to be found in Sweden.


Beathoven said...

Hi there

Thanks for the awesome goodies!I used to have most of these beauties until some junkie stole all my records and sold them in order to sponsor his need for dope.Anyway,I recently downloaded the earsplitting Morgoth but when I try to open the rar file, I am asked for a password.Could it be you have forgotten to include this needed key?
Kind regards.
Metal greetings from Belgium.

bustdace said...

try this one for password:
let me know if it works if not i'll get you a different link or a new should work tho.

Beathoven said...


Thanks for the password.It worked!!
You made me a happy belgian.
If you can spare a moment could you upload Entombed :Left hand path.If you have it that is :-)
Thanks again.
Keep up the good work and watch out for "deleters" like 8days in april en chrisgoesrock experienced.
Cheers from Belgium (again).

broKeNbot said...

Sad what happened to Chris goes rock.
Excellent proto-prog blog.